About Mark

Mark Keene is a master coach who specializes in creating transformation through masterminds. He built his coaching business to 6-figures in just 12 months, and created half a million in revenue in just over 3 years. With more than two decades of experience as a pastor at the same church, he has mastered the skill of helping people unlock their potential and live their best lives. Mark has trained teams within the Donaldson Company, a multibillion dollar, global manufacturing business. As an international business coach, Mark has served over 220 clients in over 50 different industries. He is a dynamic communicator who has spoken on stages for 25 years, delivering thousands of empowering messages. Mark is the Founder of Transformation Coaching, The Transformation Mastermind System, and The  EDGE System for local churches. He also the author of Journaling for Transformation, and is co-authoring a new book with international business expert, Bill Walton. Mark is happily married for 21 years to his college sweetheart, the father of three active and engercitc kids, a spastic Whipador and, regretably, two cats. As coach, he can help any business owner who feels powerless to take back their power through experiencing a life-altering Transformation Mastermind.

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