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You don’t have to pick and choose! You don’t have to settle in any area of your life! You can have massive business success, a happy family, financial abundance, spiritual peace, life-giving friendships, deep fulfillment, and make a difference in the world!

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I hear you: How can I have it all if i can’t keep up with what I already have?!

I hear you. You want to grow your business and create new revenue streams, but you still have your kids’ soccer games and cheerleading practices to run to, plus volunteering responsibilities, plus trying to be a good spouse, plus taking care of your physical health, plus . . . and the list goes on and on.

  • Has overwhelm and anxiety become your new normal? 
  • Are you drowning in the fear that you will let your people down? 
  • Have the doubts about your own ability paralyzed you? 
  • Do you feel like you are running out of time?

It sucks to be paralized by fear; overwhelmed by doubt

Instead of doing something; you do nothing.

Tired and frustrated

Overwhelmed and anxious

Defeated and unqualified

You end up feeling POWERLESS!

You didn’t start there. But now you feel stuck. Immobilized. Not only that, but you are terrified that you will let people down. You feel that you aren’t “enough” to do it all. It’s just too much! You spin your wheels and try hard to imagine “having it all,” but the more time goes on, the more it seems an unattainable reality!

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I want YOU to have it all! You CAN have it all!

Get started TODAY!

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You can shift from powerless to POWERFUL with these 5 decisions!

Desperation can lead you to make some decisions that you have never made before!  These decisions have the potential to drastically shift your life! That’s why they have become the foundation of the Transformation Mastermind experience. When you make the right decisions consistently over time, you will experience undeniable transformation. The FIVE Framework guarantees transformation by helping you focus on the right decisions to become an elite performer at life. This is not a theory; it’s a real and proven framework that creates lasting change. The FIVE Framework is not a step by step, sequential process. It consists of the decisions that every successful person in history has made. Not 52 decisions. Not 2000 decisions. Just 5. Five decisions that help you take back your power so that you can freakin’ finally have it all!


"I take full responsibility for my life."

"I obsess about my growth."

"I pursue proximity and invite accountability."

"I master my state."

"I do the deep work."


Your energy will soar and become sustainable! Confidence and courage will become your new standard! Your income will increase! Your marriage will become stronger! Your days will become filled with wins and gratitude!

Most importantly, You feel fulfilled and ready to make a difference in the world! 

You are unique; but not a unique case. I have led hundreds to make these same decisions through my masterminds, and they have experienced what I know you can experience as well:

  • Passion in your marriage
  • Joy in your family
  • Abundance in your bank account
  • Impact through your business
  • Vitality in your health
  • Fulfillment in your soul
  • and more!

Success stories

Don’t take my word for it, though. Just listen to what Transformation Mastermind members say about their experience!

Are you ready to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER?! If you have the guts to do some things you’ve never done before, you can experience the same kind of drastic shifts in your life!

What will you experience in a Transformation Mastermind?

The Transformation Mastermind is a one-of-a-kind mastermind:

  • Weekly calls! Consistency is power to create results and lasting change! (Most masterminds are monthly, and rarely they might meet every other week. That’s not enough for you to get the results you want!)
  • A curated peer group of business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals committed to the highest standards!
  • Facilitated by Transformation Coaches who are peak performers in their own right!
  • Deep relationships – a max of 8 members plus your dedicated coach – You will be known, seen, heard, and valued!
  • Private Facebook Group with the Transformation Mastermind community from all over the country and the world! Regular FB Lives, interviews, and massive value!
  • Monthly Zoom calls with the entire community!
Limited spots are available. Schedule your FREE call now!

When you join the Transformation Mastermind you will access…

  • A new level of strength, clarity, accountability
  • Deep relationships that take you further faster!
  • Strategies, best practices, and practical tools to operate more effectively in your life and business!
  • A peer group of peak performers who are crushing it in their respective fields!
  • The inspiration, knowledge, and consistent growth environment that propels you in every area of your life!

You can have it all by joining a weekly Transformation Mastermind.

Take Back Your Power and schedule a call with Mark today!

Who is Mark Keene?

Mark Keene is a master coach who specializes in creating transformation through masterminds. He built his coaching business to 6-figures in just 12 months, and created half a million in revenue in just over 3 years. With more than two decades of experience as a pastor at the same church, he has mastered the skill of helping people unlock their potential and live their best lives. Mark has trained teams within the Donaldson Company, a multibillion dollar, global manufacturing business. As an international business coach, Mark has served over 220 clients in over 50 different industries. He is a dynamic communicator who has spoken on stages for 25 years, delivering thousands of empowering messages. Mark is the Founder of Transformation Coaching, The Transformation Mastermind System, and The  EDGE System for local churches. He also the author of Journaling for Transformation, and is co-authoring a new book with international business expert, Bill Walton. Mark is happily married for 21 years to his college sweetheart, the father of three active and engercitc kids, a spastic Whipador and, regretably, two cats. As coach, he can help any business owner who feels powerless to take back their power through experiencing a life-altering Transformation Mastermind.